Highly interactive training sessions designed to educate and inform.

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Basic Modules

Basic modules are designed to help you get up and running quickly in higher-risk operating environments.

Deployment Planning

Learn how to plan for a deployment to a higher-risk location.

Practical Risk Mitigation

Learn how to appreciate risk in a practical way that doesn't depreciate your experience.

Secure Accommodation

Learn how to select assess and select secure accommodation options in a higher-risk location.

Secure Transport

Learn how to select secure and manage transportation options in a higher-risk location.

Our training is fully modular, enabling us to package training workshops to your specific requirements.

Advanced Modules

Advanced modules hone in on specific aspects of operating in higher-risk environments.

Negotiating Corruption

Learn how to assess and respond to different types of corruption scenarios.

Protests & Riots

Learn how to stay safe during protests and riots.

Avoiding Surveillance

Learn how to avoid, detect and evade surveillance teams.

Managing Confrontation

Learn how to respond to armed attacks while on the street.

We can combine modules into half day, full day, or multi-day training workshops.

Specialist Modules

Specialised modules focused on contingency and evacuation planning.

Contingency Planning

Learn how to plan for different types of contingencies.

Evacuation Planning

Learn how to plan an evacuation in times of critical risk.

Client Groups

Our training has been designed to support a number of different client groups.


Corporate travel managers and business travellers.


NGOs operating in higher-risk environments.


Adventure travel and expedition companies, and adventure travellers.


Educational institutions planning overseas travel for student groups.