Highly interactive training sessions designed to educate and inform.

Our workshops focus on developing the knowledge and skills essential to operating safely and successfully in challenging environments. These environments can be characterised by credible security threats, poor infrastructure, and pervasive corruption.

Planning for Higher Risk Travel

Learn how to plan and prepare for trips to complex and higher-risk locations.

Next workshop: 19 Jul 2024

USD 285 | 3 hours

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Planning for Contingencies

Learn how to plan and prepare for different contingencies when travelling to complex or higher-risk locations.

Next workshop: 16 Aug 2024

USD 285 | 3 hours

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Operating Under Surveillance

Learn how to detect surveillance and how to respond in such a way that you won't make your situation immeasurably worse.

Next workshop: 20 Sep 2024

USD 285 | 3 hours

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Intelligence Operations

Learn how to detect and neutralise attempts at cultivation and recruitment.

Next workshop: 18 Oct 2024

USD 285 | 3 hours

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Why attend our workshops?

We’re experienced trainers with real world experience

Over the last 22 years, our team have trained thousands of people in aspects of travel security and crisis management.

We have a significant amount of international experience and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. We incorporate case studies and lessons learnt from our projects and travels, bringing valuable context to our workshops.

We use high quality studio equipment

We’ve set up professional studio equipment to support high quality online training. Our setup ensures we’re able to provide the best experience possible for our online workshops.

You’ll benefit from the wisdom of the group

Our workshops bring together people from a range of backgrounds and with diverse skills and experiences. We provide space for conversations that draw on these experiences for the benefit of all participants.

You’ll establish valuable connections

One of the key benefits of attending our workshops will be the opportunity to meet like-minded people. We set up a cohort page for each workshop so you’re able to maintain contact with your peers afterwards. Submission of personal information is entirely voluntary.

Plus a few additional perks

Workshop attendees get a 15% discount off our books.

Terms & Conditions


In cases where we need to cancel a workshop, all participants will be provided a refund.

Transferring Tickets

You may transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague. If you plan to transfer your ticket, please contact us at least two days in advance of the workshop to let us know.

Screenshots and Recording

To respect the privacy of our attendees and hosts, taking screenshots or photographs of the Zoom chat window, or taking video of the Zoom session, is not permitted.

Technical Issues

Please check your system in advance of the online workshop. Make sure you’ve updated Zoom, and that your camera and microphone are working. Make sure you’re in an environment with good bandwidth and a stable internet connection.

We are unable to offer refunds for cases where you’re unable to attend a session or join late due to technical issues, connectivity or any other problems.