One-on-one sessions designed to share experience and insights.

In addition to our workshops, we also provide private coaching for individuals and small teams. The value of coaching is that you gain direct access to our expertise in a private environment that’s personalised to your specific needs.

Here’s a few examples of scenarios where coaching can be useful:

  • You’re planning to travel to a specific location, and are seeking guidance on how to assess the risks.
  • You’re building contingency plans for a specific trip, and need feedback on your plans.
  • You’re planning a trip and need guidance on evacuation planning.

Our coaching services are not designed to assist people in critical situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with coaching?

We recommend starting with a one hour session.

If needed, we can schedule follow on sessions.

What’s the format for coaching?

We conduct coaching sessions via Zoom.

Do I need to prepare?

Yes. You’ll need to decide on your focus for the session and be clear on what you want to achieve. We’d prefer that you provide these details to us in advance of your session so we can prepare at our end.

Terms & Conditions


All information relating to our coaching sessions remains confidential.

We do not disclose our coaching client list.


For maximum flexibility, we ask that you pay session by session.

Payment for coaching sessions is required in advance.

Once we lock in a mutually workable time, we will send you a payment link and you can pay by credit card using Stripe.


Sessions can be rescheduled. Please provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule.

Missed Sessions

If you miss a session (i.e., we join the session but you are not there), we won’t be able to provide a refund.