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We provide nuanced training and coaching to individuals operating in challenging environments.

Our objective is to ensure you have access to the necessary knowledge and resources to operate effectively in complex and higher-risk environments environments.

We achieve this through workshops and coaching.

We also share our knowledge and experience through articles and publications.

Damascus Street

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Running Road Blocks

How to negotiate checkpoints and roadblocks while travelling in higher-risk locations, and why attempting to run a road block is probably not a good idea.

28 August 2023 · Read post

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How to Hit the Ground Running

Techniques you can apply before and during a trip to ensure that you hit the ground fully prepared and in the right frame of mind.

23 October 2023 · Read essay

The Risks of High-Risk Tourism

How to navigate risk when taking part in tours of higher-risk locations.

25 September 2023 · Read essay

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