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25 June 2021

Protecting Information in the Field

Practical and actionable techniques you and your organisation can apply to protect information when operating in higher-risk environments.

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11 February 2021

Getting Out

How to get yourself out of a country when things go south.

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18 June 2020

How to disappear

How you can better blend in to your environment to reduce the risk that you may be targeted by criminals, kidnappers, or terrorists.

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17 June 2020

Reading the street

How to read the street to recognise indicators of potential danger while travelling in higher-risk areas.

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8 May 2020

Low profile evacuations

The key aspects of getting your team out of a higher-risk location quickly and quietly.

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8 Apr 2020

Being situationally aware

How to better make sense of your immediate environment so that you can avoid threats to your safety and security while travelling.

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7 Apr 2020

Building good judgement

How to develop good judgement so that you’re able to avoid precarious situations while travelling in higher-risk locations.

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3 Apr 2020

Adapting to challenging environments

How to rapidly adapt to new and challenging environments so that you’re able to get up and running as quickly as possible

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14 Mar 2020

The benefits of being boring

How to maintain a low profile while operating in complex and higher-risk environments.

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